Expired Listings - Help Me Now!

HAS YOUR LISTING EXPIRED? Not to worry ... the Bay Area Expired Listing King is Here!

Why am I the king? Because I will get your home SOLD. Period.

If your home was listed for 3, 6 or even 9 months, you are probably (OK, not probably, you ARE) upset, frustrated, pissed-off, sick of the process, hate all real estate agents and never want to talk or think about selling your home again. Am I right?

At the same time ... you probably still want to see THIS sign in your front yard, right?


So how do you make that happen?

EASY.  Call me at 408-404-6444 or e-mail me at expired@nathanproperties.com to receive my FREE REPORT

"Top 10 Reasons Your Home Expired"

If you like you can also fill out the form to obtain our FREE 24 hour phone analysis which can help you in the pricing of your home.