Current Buyers

The buyers below have been searching the current MLS database and have been unable to find the home they want to buy. If you currently have a property that might match some of the needs of my clients please contact me!

Client JC:

Wants to live in San Leandro or Hayward. Can spend up to $260K. Would like a corner lot, or someplace with access to the backyard for RV parking or boat parking. Is putting 20% down and is well qualified.

Client HP:

Looking for a 2 bedroom or larger condo/townhouse that allows dogs. Can spend up to $250,000 assuming an HOA payment that is below $300/mo. Would like an attached garage and prefers some green areas to walk the dog. Condition is not an issue. Schools are not important.

Client JB:

Want a large 4 bedroom, 3,000 SF or bigger home in the Saratoga/Los Gatos area with a view of the city lights. Also, want it to be an open floor-plan and have flat land available for a yard. Could potentially do some remodeling, although would prefer to not have to. Need to be in Los Gatos schools. Can spend up to $2.5M.

Client SD:

Needs a new tear down project in Los Altos. Interested in spending up to $1.5M.

Client BP:

Wants a 3-4 bedroom 2 bathroom minimum home in Sunnyvale, Santa Clara or Cambrian. Would need at least a 1 car garage and a minimum lot size of 5,500 SF. Can go up to $525,000. Prefer the home to have some remodeling already completed.

Client EM:

Needs land within 20 minutes of San Jose/Santa Clara. Preferably 3+acres. Current structures not required. Up to $800K.

Client SC:

Wants a single family home under $850,000 in Sunnyvale. Prefers good schools, and would like the property to either be young, under 10 years old, or remodeled.